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Address and Mailbox Sign

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Product Description

This beautiful Addess sign is the perfect finishing touch on the outside of your home. A nice bright sign, that no one that is coming to visit will miss. This sign can range from farmhouse inspired to a more sleek contemporary piece adds beautiful character to any space. Finish off your overall design this piece and make all your neighbors envious :)


Rustically inspired and beautiful stain, this lovely piece effortlessly adds the perfect final touches to your home decor and take it to the next level.


Design: This piece has many functions, its the address sign and mailbox combined. The address is featured on the top and the mailbox on the bottom. The whole sign will be made out of wood. It will be stained/painted to your liking. The numbers are made out of acrylic can be couple different finished.

Sizing: The size will 20" w x 30" 


Materials: The backing and mailbox are 3/4" wood. The numbers are made from 1/8" acrylic. 


Exposure to the element: We will put a polyeurthane top coat on the piece before pick up.The polueurthane needs to be reapplied every year or so depending on the kind of wear on the piece. If this sign is placed and exposed to the elements everyday then a different choice of materials may be a better option for you. 


What you get with this listing: This lovely sign of your prefered size. 


Canadian Made: All of these beautiful pieces are crafted in British Columbia, Canada


Processing: We try to get this piece out within 2 - 3  weeks. If needed sooner or if you have any questions, feel free to contact us. 


Product Knowledge: We are making 90% of our pieces from wood, so from time to time there are going to be knots in the pieces. This is not something we can avoid, because trees have branches. But we love them anyway, as they add wonderful character to the piece. The stain options give you an idea of the colours, however, there is some variations amongst the finishes. Wood being a natural product absorbs different from piece to piece. So, what does that mean? It’s sometimes lighter or darker then the pictures.





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