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Bathroom REVIVED!!!

Bathroom REVIVED!!!

Nat on 2019 Jun 20th


When we started the Reno process, we weren't too sure if we wanted to demo both the bathrooms on the top floor and have one nice big bathroom or two smaller bathrooms. After staying with my parents for a couple of months during the Reno we quickly realized that we couldn't sacrifice on our en suite. So we decided to still have two bathrooms upstairs, but steal some space from the main bath to give to the en suite. We had to do some rejigging in order to accomplish this. The main bath luckily had a tiny closet outside of it, which took up most of the bath. The size it took in the bathroom didn't match the depth of the closet. We soon realized after some demo that there were two ventilation stacks in the back of the that took up almost 2 feet of space. WHAT??!?!!? Anyways, we were replacing the furnace and hot water tank anyways, so we just re-vented the exhaust another way. 

It worked out well to remove the closet and stacks, as we gained enough space to put a small vanity, toilet (obviously) and full bath for our kiddos. I went with a monochromatic color scheme in this space. OBSESSED with hexagon tile, so that's a must. The shower love the classic subway tile with black grout, inspired by the Mrs. Gaines. The vanity is a lot smaller then the kids last bathroom, so I had to purge a lot of stuff and just keep the basics. I wanted a mirror that was a bit more interesting then your Home Depot special, so i ordered this one to create some interest in the space. I found the leaning shelf really helped with extra storage and it filled the space nicely. I needed a sprayer in the full bath to clean off my little monkey's while in the bath, this shower head put it all together. I enjoy using it and find it helpful with the little ones.

As projects are done and decorated to my liking I will be posting more in the near future. Stay tuned. Have a good night!